Existing like a BADASS. (rough draft)

This one is going to get a little weird. Bare with me. I’m not a religious person by any means. But I can be a little spiritual, universal, or just hopeful that this reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I truly believe that most of us are running our operating systems on auto pilot. Going with the existential flow day by day, until we get married, until we get a career or life sentence, until we are bug food. Sit on a bench sometime…. just watch some people. It’s like they are on a track of a well oiled machine.

I’m not sure how many people know about the law of attraction or what it entails. I was super interested in it a few years back. It is seemingly too good to be true and obviously needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Pretty much it states that like attracts like. What you think about you bring about. You can ‘manifest’ things into your life. Obviously you can’t think elephant, then there is one in your living room, but you get me. This also doesn’t eliminate others free will or the fact that hard work pays off.

Why I dig it so much is because when I think about it or practice it, it feels like I am existing on purpose, as opposed to being another link in the chain. Start small. Manifest a cup of tea. That wasn’t so hard was it? What do you truly want? Want to be? Experience? It doesn’t matter of you have 8 jobs or 8 kids, you have the oppruntunities to get what you desire in this life. Sound good? Well it isn’t that simple. 

Your emotions are a big part of creating your reality. Have you ever experienced one situation in two different ways? When grumpy and stressed, then the same scenario happy? It’s like the world is different based on your emotions. The colors pop more, the breeze feels nicer, you notice things that would have been over looked before. Make sure that your deep sighs are of comfort, and not dread.

Okay…. this post is a fucking mess. Hence the rough draft in the title. I have this incredible idea in me, but when I put fingers to keyboard, it keeps turning into a unorganized ramble. This shall be fixed. And I have some good stuff coming next week. INCLUDING some actual new fiction from me instead of some weird self help diary post. Hang in there kids, and have a good week existing. 


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