Another snippet from a work in progress.


There have been only a few times in my life where I truly felt crazy. Most of those times it was due to drugs, but I don’t think this is the case. I think when someone says, “the little voice in my head was enticing me to do it”, or “I had a little conversation in my head…”, That they are totally sane, and in their right mind. Now, when I say those things, I actually, LITERALLY, mean them. I mean that I talk to myself, and myself talks back. If that doesn’t sound crazy, then I think that you might have some mental health issues as well.

I had a disgusting night out drinking, a holy bar bender for the ages, the ended with an almost fatal concussion. I wake up in a hospital 18 hours later, confused, and in so much pain I wanted to puke. I can barely open my eyes from all the crust in my eyelids and then I hear a familiar voice. The voice tells me to get up. It tells me to wake up and stop wasting time. The voice then tells me to get my ass out of bed and is sounding very impatient. I rubbed the crust out of my eyes and open them to the realization that I am the only one in my hospital room. Then I think why the voice is so familiar… it was me.

You see, at first I thought that I was obviously concussed, and possibly hung over. How could a disembodied voice be talking to me? I must be dehydrated or something. Painfully and slowly, I get out of bed in my hospital gown and walk over to the bathroom in my room. Turn on cold water in the sink and splash my face several times to refresh myself. I take a rough towel off the bar and pat it against my face, flinching from a bruise I obtained the night before. Then I hear the voice again.

“Hurts doesn’t it? Wasn’t a very good idea to get in a fight now was it? That idiot had three friends, not a battle you should have started.” The voice echoed in my head.

“Hello? Is somebody there?” I say, slightly panicked.


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